Thursday, December 18, 2008

Applying to Graduate School

In the fall and winter of 2007, I applied to nine PhD programs in neuroscience and the biological/biomedical sciences. Applying to graduate school is a lot of work, and while I found several helpful resources that guided me through the process, none were quite specific to my field. Therefore, I decided to share my advice and experiences in hopes of helping other prospective graduate students in the life sciences. I'm not a professional admissions counselor, just someone who's been in the same boat. I hope you find my thoughts on the matter to be useful.

Choosing a Graduate Program - How to determine where you should apply.

Timeline - A step-by-step guide to completing your applications in a timely manner.

Statement of Purpose - How to write this important essay (with examples).

Curriculum Vitae - How to create a professional CV (with examples).

Letters of Recommendation - How to select, prepare, and follow up with your recommenders.

Contacting Professors - How to approach potential graduate mentors before you apply.

Interviews - What to expect from a life science graduate interview.

Choosing a Graduate Program II: Accepted! - How to choose between multiple offers.

Links - A collection of links to helpful websites.


  1. Thanks for all your help, Laura! This is such a fantastic resource. cheers!

  2. Thank you for this post! I am linking this on my own website (on Clinical Psychology Admissions) because I feel like it will be helpful for people in our field as well :)

  3. Normally, How long does it take for a prof. to reply?

  4. This is really helpful, thank you! Especially a post about graduate school statement of purpose format. Thanks for sharing your advice and experience!