Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoe Post!

Science bloggers (mostly female, but a few dudes) have recently begun to follow the trend of posting pictures of their shoes. Much of the credit for this goes to Dr. Isis, who inspires a range of strong emotions in fellow lady scientists by embracing her girly shoe-loving side in addition to her badass physiologist side. As a young woman embarking on a scientific career, I'm currently struggling to find the right balance between these things myself. We scientists can wear many hats, sometimes -- and many shoes!

My normal lab attire consists of jeans, a t-shirt, and my trusty sneakers, pictured above. They're comfortable and provide full foot coverage, in compliance with OSHA regulations. Plus, I happen to think Puma makes some fairly stylish casual shoes that are appropriate for things like bench work and hoofing it across campus to buy lunch during 30-minute washes.

However, from time to time I get bit by the shoe bug and prowl around on sites like Zappos and Endless for deals on the sexiest shoes I can muster. Then I proceed to wear them about once a year, when I have an occasion for heels that make me 5'11". This week, I bought some new work shoes for my SO and couldn't resist adding a clearance special for myself to the order:

(Please pardon the sock lines -- I was wearing the sneakers most of the day and tried these on when I got home.) The green snakeskin pumps pictured above can currently be found for $59.90 at Endless. They're actually pretty comfortable, given the heel height -- the leather is soft and has give to it, and the inside is lightly padded. So go on with your bad selves. 

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  1. Laura, you rock my entire universe. Those shoes are amazing.