Friday, February 6, 2009

I Love Brains

I love Not only do they have great science t-shirts that really "get it," but they're dedicated to customer service, too. Someone from their staff saw me praising their products elsewhere on the web, but lamenting the fact that grad students can't afford to buy as many new shirts as they'd like. In their infinite mercy, they offered me a small, but thoughtful, discount. I still can't spend too much of my income on fun clothes, but after they got in touch with me I decided to order some shirts anyway, just to support this cool company that's making a great effort to work with their customers. So, I ordered the I Love Brains shirt.
I'm ready to do some neuroscience this morning! (Before I've even had my first cup of tea, so excuse the slightly crazed look in my eyes.)

I also purchased the popular "This is what a scientist looks like" shirt (which was featured at ScienceWomen, and went over well at my Women in Neuroscience meeting) and the Skull and Pipets shirt. Hooray for scientific sartorial spendor!