Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rotation #2 Diary: Week 5

Another week of my rotation has come and gone. Indeed, I'm halfway through with Week 6 as I write this Week 5 diary (I won't be in the lab on Friday; my department is interviewing potential new graduate students and I"ll be helping with the assorted interview and recruitment activities). 

Last week I repeated experiments that I'd done before, in an attempt to get better, cleaner-looking western blot data. I did see some improvement, but so far haven't produced any figure-quality blots. This week I got some new mouse protein lysates prepared in a variety of different ways to try to optimize the protein yield, and I'm repeating the experiment yet again. Hopefully, the experiments this week will be more fruitful. The lab has secured some human brain tissue samples for me, so as soon as I optimize my technique in rodent lysates, I'll be able to look for my protein of interest in the human brain. That'll be pretty cool. If I make it that far.

I also learned that my lab meeting presentation for this rotation has been pushed back until two weeks after the rotation officially ends. That's probably a good thing -- I'll have some time to work on my rotation report and the presentation without worrying about lab work. I'm planning to take a couple of weeks off between this rotation and my next one (conveniently, my spring break falls in there...) so for a while I'll have nothing to do but attend classes and study while I'm writing up my results. And updating my blog, of course...

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