Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rotation #2 Diary: Week 6

I only spent three days of week 6 in the lab, since I had some rearranged classes on Thursday and a full day of prospective student activities on Friday. I've also missed a day of week 7, due to a bad cold/flu thing that hit me on Sunday and gave me a high fever for two straight days.

So, in week 6, one of my experiments actually worked! I think we've fine-tuned the protocol for making tissue lysates in order to actually detect my protein of interest. That only took 3/4 of my rotation time... heh. Now to repeat it and make sure that it really works. If so, I can move on to testing human brain samples!

As this rotation winds down, I have to start thinking about my next (and probably last) one. I've got one lab in mind, and just emailed the PI to see if she still has space for a rotation student. If she can't take me, I may have to go back to the drawing board... but, there are so many great faculty here at Emory, I suffer more from having too many choices than from a lack of good options.

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