Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Psychedelic Medicine

I received an email this afternoon with the subject "2-book set: Psychedelic Medicine," from an email address I didn't recognize. I wasn't sure what this referred to, at first, but my spam filters are pretty good; unless a mysterious message mentions H3RB4L VI4GR4 in the subject, I usually read it.

The email turned out to be from Dr. Thomas B. Roberts. He included some information about his book Psychedelic Medicine: New Evidence for Hallucinogenic Substances as Treatments, and a line suggesting that I might like to request a copy for my library. I can only assume that he discerned my interest in the subject from my post about DMT's action on the sigma-1 receptor, which reviews the recent article by Fontanilla et al. on a newly-discovered role for hallucinogens/entheogens in the brain. Because there was little information in the email not related to promoting the book, I did feel a bit spammed. However, I doubt that these emails are sent out in mass quantities to people who haven't indicated that they would appreciate more information on psychedelics. So I decided to post about it, in case some of my blog readers (all seven of you, according to Blogger's subscriber statistics!) would be interested.

I haven't actually seen Dr. Roberts' book, but the table of contents makes it seem like informative reading that would be suitable for non-scientists. I don't feel right asking my library to buy the book, given that I'm not doing any real research on hallucinogens. But, if you liked my previous post and want to learn more about how these drugs can affect the brain, you might want to track down a copy.

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