Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Awesome Things

Here is a list of things that happened today, in order of increasing awesomeness for my science life.

1. I discovered this exquisite protocol for making DNA loading buffer. So nerdy! So useful! (The blog author also has a handy breakdown of life science stipends that I should add to my "applying to grad school" guide...)

2. A new grad student officially joined our lab! Two of my labmates graduated within the past 6 months. Now that there's a newbie, I'm definitely a "senior student." Gulp...

3. OMG, MY GRANT GOT FUNDED! Earlier tonight the American Heart Association sent me an email, CCed to my adviser, saying I could log in to see my application status. My adviser emailed me 5 minutes later to tell me to hurry up and log in so she could hear the result. Then she figured out that she could log in as the application sponsor, read the summary statement, and sent a congratulatory email before I'd had the chance to do anything. It was a flurry of triumphant email activity, let me tell you!

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 7.43.25 PM.png


Just for the record, I'd also like to state that one AHA reviewer specifically praised my "excellent" grades in undergrad as well as grad school. This is in contrast to the person at NIH who cited "mediocre grades at Brandeis" as a weakness on my NRSA application. That one stung. (Probably because I secretly fear it's true... I didn't excel at all of my science classes, way back when. But I got funded anyway!!!eleventy!)


  1. 1. definitely very cool. protocols and trouble-shooting secrets are so sparsely shared outside one's own lab/ collaborators. it's always really exciting to find something new and helpful!

    2. good thing you've already done all that teaching to make you more comfortable in your "senior student" status :)

    3. YAYER!!! awesome, awesome, stellar. a hearty congratulations, and i hope you celebrated. it sounds like your advisor probably did!

  2. Many congratulations Snr Grad Student Laura :)

    I had an AHA predoc for my last 3 years in grad school and I remember well my advisor calling me at some ridiculous hour to pester me about my first notification. Its wonderful for you and your career. Now...go do Good Science!

    A grant and Snr status is good momentum

  3. Those grants aren't easy to obtain. You are justifiably proud!

    One of my favorite quotes is from Dizzy Dean: "It ain't braggin' if you can do it."

    You did it.