Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello, readers/classmates!

Recently, quite a few of my peers have told me that they read this blog, or have read it at some point in the past. And yet, they have never commented, and they seem to show no signs of starting blogs of their own. If you are my classmate, or an anonymous grad student from another program, and you are reading this, please speak up in the comments! Let me know what you like about my posts, what you'd like to see more of, and what factors influence your own decision about whether or not to keep a blog. (Actually, you are welcome to chime in even if you're not a grad student.)

I know that my "applying to grad school" posts are fairly popular, and that prospective grad students for my program have found this blog by searching for info on Emory Neuroscience. What else are my readers interested in? As my work in the lab, in the classroom, and on the Graduate Student Council becomes more demanding of my time, I find myself with less time for blogging. It would be great to hear what you all are looking for when you read this site, so that I can focus my efforts on the stuff that provides the greatest value.

Thanks for reading! I will try to post more this summer, especially about the short course in Japan that I am attending in three weeks. I've also been considering a post about sleep disorders that tries to integrate some science with my personal (and rather freaky) experiences, but as it turns out, writing about articles outside of one's subfield is pretty tough. Please bear with me!