Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Journal of Neuroscience launches "Journal Club"

My graduate program director just emailed to say that The Journal of Neuroscience is soliciting reviews of recent articles for a new series of features that they call "Journal Club." Trainees (students and postdocs only) are invited to review publications from the past two months, although "inappropriately harsh or glowing reviews will not be considered." Submissions should be no longer than 1500 words.

This should be of special interest to neurobloggers, who are often creating this sort of content anyway for their blogs. (Although, this bit will be tough for bloggers: "Titles should be informative; the Journal discourages word play.")

I'm intrigued, and also a little intimidated. I mean, it's fine for me to spout off about a paper on the internets, but J. Neurosci? That's playing for keeps.

Do you plan to submit any Journal Club reviews?


  1. Awesome. Thanks for this update, I missed it. Hm... I stopped writing article reviews on my blog a while ago because the readership was so low, but this may be a much better outlet. I'll probably try it. ... and by that I mean I'll probably write a review and then potentially chicken out of submitting it :)

  2. They've only been doing them for about a month, but I am intrigued. I'll submit one if you do!

  3. I'm about to give it a shot.... Kind of intimidated!